Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Finest Straighteners Kinds of Plates for Curly Hair

This article tackles about the finest hair straighteners. The best plate sizes are handed to give you idea which one is the one suitable for your curly hair. 

If you have a curly-type hair, you can easily change the way you look by having a makeover of your hair using a reliable straightener. To help you discover the finest straightener for your very curly hair, few suggestions are as follows:

Check the tool’s plate size

The plate size takes you on straightening curls. To purchase one with regular 1 inch straightener, you should think again. If you use a straightener for a very curly hair, it will take you longer to make it straight if the plate size is thin. Otherwise, wider plates are not recommendable for short curly hair, in its place, you must buy for thinner plates with 1-1 inches in order to move quickly all through the hair. If you buy GHD Straighteners, even if the temperature is high, it will result fabulous straight locks as quick as a single pass in spite of the hair length.

Kinds of Plates
  1.  Ceramic is the major material that’s commonly used in nearly all every finest value straightener. The ceramic has smooth plates, versatile, and that distributes heat and protects technology.
  2. Tourmaline is another commanding material. It has extra ionic plus it boasts faster function than ceramic, which makes it the ideal choice if you have frizzy and wild hair. Nonetheless, it is as well the safest material you can buy in the market today. That is why it is suggested for a hair that’s chemically damaged and color dyed.
  3. Titanium is also the best for hair as recommended by professional hair stylists, because of its high temperatures with faster time to fix those stubborn hair types. 
Overall, these three materials for plate are safe, effective, and trustworthy to use for curly hair type. Make sure only that you buy GHD with one of the said components to protect your styling process.

As for the Hair Straightener’s Rate of Heat

Those wild, thick, frizzy curly hairs, it highly requires temperatures more than 350 degree Fahrenheit for an apt straightening. Take note that majority of straighteners has the capacity to heat up to 410 degree Fahrenheit - this is more than a sufficient amount yet there are a few that can reach 450 degree Fahrenheit for an ultra-quick level as slightest as 20 sec. Make sure to contemplate on the kind of plate apt for your hair type or you will likely damaged your hair. Check the material of the plates and the package, made out of efficient and safe heating material.

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